Good Tidings International - "Dedication to Survivors of Domestic Violence"




This page is in dedication to all survivors of domestic violence. May our God, through Jesus Christ, continue to work His mighty healing power in and through your lives as you reach out and experience His love for you.
You are precious. You are special.
You are worth Christ dying for.
Be blessed. Be healed. Be made whole.
In Jesus' Name.

Times in life when tears must fall
When heart is filled with woe
Place to have this time I need
As saddened heart will flow

Today I cried so many tears
They seem to give me peace
Knowing that each drop I shed
Would give my soul release

Take away this pain I feel
Let the hurt subside
Tears that fill an ocean of
This sadness felt inside

Need this time to cast away
The sorrow that's within
With every tear the pain awash
The joy will then begin

Tears in life give comfort now
For all the hurt we feel
Cascading in a pool of life
So each of us can heal

Perhaps I cry these tears for you
Perhaps they are for me
Whatever reason for these tears
They fall from heart's bounty.

~ Francine Pucillo ~
Šused with permission
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