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The Broken Wing


To understand what it is to have a "Broken Wing" you had to of had one. The Lord gave me this name for our ministry from a song (*see song below) that I heard when I was going through the breaking. I ministered in shelters for abused women and children and sang that song. Then the Lord gave to me the following Word from a sweet lady in Christ, Patsy Shelton and she has given me the permission to share it on this website.
The following is that story.

The other day, I was riding with my sister as she was running her errands. We stopped at a gas station, and across the way there was a pigeon with a broken wing. It was pecking and picking bugs from the ground. And as I watched, his left wing was dragging the ground.

After a few minutes, it flapped its wings and began to fly. Of course because of the broken wing, it could only get about two feet off the ground.

This morning, I hear the Lord saying, "My people are like that pigeon. They have broken wings. They are earthbound, and not able to come up high. I will heal your brokenness, and I will be the wind beneathe your wings. And as surely, as I am the Lord God, you will love again, and you will live again. I will heal the disappointment, I will heal the disillusionment, I will heal the rejection, and the abandonment.

I am coming to you in your midnight hour, and I will raise you up. And yea, you will ride on the high places of the earth. And I will become a refuge for you from the pain.

You have felt, as if you were dead, so empty and cold. But today, My Spirit will breathe life into you, and you will live. Not the life that you had before. But new life in Me.

Oh, you are so loved by Me, and My love has no limitations and no boundaries. I am not a man, I will not reject you, and I will not abandon you, but I will hold you close to My heart.

So, by My Spirit, I speak to you and say, "Life, new life is coming to you. You will love again. And I will be the wind beneathe your broken wings.


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Broken Wings Special Survivor Dedication Page!

You are not alone, you don't have to fight all alone anymore. There is help for you NOW. Below you will find some links, but ASK FOR PRAYER TOO. God can help you through this, and He will change things for you.
Don't worry. You are going to make it!
If you will trust God.

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-safe
For help now

National Latino Alliance for the Elimination of Domestic Violence
For Latino Women - Espanol

Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence
For Asian women


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