A Quiet Haven

Psalm 107:30

There is a beautiful figure in one of Woodworth's poems about a bird that is swept by the strong winds of a storm from the rough and rocky country where it had been living.

The bird battles against the storm with desperate effort, trying to get back to its familiar home, but all in vain. At last it yields to the wind, thinking that the storm will carry it to its death, but the gale carries it across the waves and brings it to a sunny land with its green meadows and its forest glades.

How many of us have been like the little voyager, fretting and fighting against the will of God. We thought that life could never be the same again when we were carried seaward by the storm, only to find that we were carried to a place where it was far better for us. God's Word encourages us to praise the Lord in the midst of raging waves and the strong winds of the storm. We can be assured that in God's own time and way, He will bring us to His better haven for us.

Remember - none live so pleasantly, as those who live by faith.

~Written by Irving D. Larson

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19 May 2002.

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