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The websites in this webring have a passion for Jesus Christ and exalt and worship Him as Lord in their webpages, their ministry, and their lives. If you have a passion for Jesus, then you've found a home at The Passion Webring!

In order for your graphics to display properly, you must upload the five (5) buttons, the picture of Jesus on the cross, and the right column words below. There are seven (7) elements all together. Simply right click on each graphic, then choose 'save picture as' and save to your computer. Then upload where you will display the webring on your website. Be sure to give us the right page address that you will be displaying the webring on in order for it to work properly also. If you have any questions, contact us HERE.

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*NOTE-Please do not apply if your site is about a denomination, or contains your church doctrines. Even though you may be sincere in your beliefs, we prefer to only include those sites that exalt Jesus alone. Thanks for your understanding and for understanding our stewardship over this site and what we are trying to accomplish.


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We're glad that you decided to join together with us in exalting the Lord Jesus Christ on the internet and on your website. May the Lord lead you and guide you to reach many who are seeking passionately to know Jesus in this hour.

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  4. Peter Denies Jesus
  5. The Stoning
  6. Song Of Complaint
  7. Simon Is Dismissed
  8. Flagellation
  9. Mary Goes To Jesus
  10. Peaceful But Prim...
  11. Crucifixion
  12. Raising The Cross
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