Waiting On the Shore

Here I wait, sun setting down,
My heart is breaking, wearing a frown,
My Love has left me, He has gone away,
But He promised me, He'll return again some day.

I look for Him, in the sun that's setting on the shore
I know He said He would go away, so He could give me more.
I don't quite understand what I'm supposed to do,
So I wait for Him, and remain pure and true.

For I know when He comes back for me,
He will shine His light, then I will see,
Why I had to wait to see His face
When He holds me, in His sweet embrace.

So, I will wait, on this earthly shore,
Until He takes me to His home, I will adore,
And I'll be with Him in heaven above,
And forever I'll be one with My Love.

Poem "Waiting on the Shore"
Copyright 2004 ~Donna Robertson~

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