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January 22nd 2013


Words of Prophecy

These are the days wherein I will release My Kingdom-finances into the hands of those who seek to be righteously motivated in all things. For I have raised up a remnant of righteous people - a people whom I have found trustworthy in even the smallest of details [Luke 16:10]. Rejoice, My beloved ones, for I shall begin use you in these days to impact the world to a degree heretofore unseen - and I shall establish all that I have long desired to establish concerning My "spotless and unblemished" Church. With a view to these things, I shall now begin to divinely connect in every nation throughout the earth My true "forerunners", and they shall be as a great beacon, and many shall be drawn to the great wisdom and revelation that abides in their heart - and, thus, many true spiritual environments will spring up "suddenly" - and many will say, "Where did these people come from"? And, then, a great and holy reverence [holy fear] shall begin to move forth in the midst of all those who truly love Me, and the "beauty of holiness" shall rest upon them heavily - drawing many to the great light, wisdom and love that continually emanates from them.

When all those who are called to this last wave of Kingdom service and ministry experience the New Birth and are filled with the Holy Spirit [the Baptism of holy fire] they will surely need true spiritual environments [environments of the Holy Spirit] provided for them wherein they shall be "immersed" in My anointed Word for a time. As the "harvest" begins to accelerate in this season I shall surely move powerfully in the establishment of the aforementioned true spiritual environments, and I shall release the necessary Kingdom-finances to establish every good and perfect [righteous] work - and truly I say to you, My Glory shall abide in the of all those who truly love Me.

It is a time of great prosperity and well-being [both spiritual and financial] for all those who have taken their place as "forerunners" in My Kingdom. For in these days, I am moving powerfully on their behalf in order to fulfil every vision, every dream and every revelation that I have placed in their heart - throughout many years. Most do not realize that My Kingdom-finances are simply an extension of My Authority, and in the glorious days ahead these finances in the hands of the righteous will continually devastate Satan and his strongholds at every turn. As the finances come forth and they are handled "precisely" [through wisdom and revelation] many things that glorify Me shall be established, and I shall raise up true ministries who will meet the deepest needs of the captives and, thus, many shall be set free to enter into the fullness of their precious destiny, in Christ. Well done, My good and faithful servants for you have stayed the course, and in this I am well pleased! Truly I say to you, a new day has dawned.

[DECEMBER 6th 2006]

+ Every one of My children, in any given moment, is going to be found "having faith" or "having fear".

+ In the past nearly two thousand years, you have seen certain individuals, and even small remnants (groups) of My people, abide in a perfect obedience and you have seen the impact of their lives upon both the church and the "world". But it is certain that compared to what you are about to see, these lives - as glorious as they were - are just a "glimpse" compared to the "soon manifestation" of the Glorious Church through which the entire earth shall be filled with My Glory - a remnant of My people through whom the "former and the latter rain" shall be poured out as a "flood". There is no possible way for any one of you to fully comprehend "at this time" the "magnitude" of the "impact" that this outpouring shall have in one way or another on "every facet" of human existence before you leave the earth. Have I not spoken to you previously saying, "There is no limit to what I can accomplish through one who will diligently keep their spirit-man in dominance over their soul and body?

One then can "begin" to imagine what will happen in this earth when thousands upon thousands of My children begin to guard their hearts with "all" diligence! Certain hospitals shall "supernaturally" be emptied as My power flows down every hall way and throughout every room - driving out every sickness and disease and the "spirits" behind them. And the "spirit of death" - the final foe - shall literally be put to flight before the "continuous onslaught" of My children in this last hour!

Even this slight glimpse into the time of the Glorious Church is "mind-boggling" apart from the Spirit of wisdom and revelation! And thus your only recourse, as My precious sons and daughters is to abide moment to moment in the "Spirit of wisdom and revelation" so that each one of you individually - as you are diligent to obey - can bring about the divinely ordained, corporate, glorious manifestation of the Body of Christ in this last hour. For My children to walk in anything less than "revelation" - moment to moment, day to day, would serve only to impede this most glorious outpouring. One thing that I have made superabundantly clear in My Word is this: in this last hour "all those" who "truly" desire to be completely freed shall be completely freed and all those who "refuse" to be freed shall abide in an ever increasing state of death, darkness, torment and bondage!

Therefore, let all those who truly love Me be diligent in their handling of My Word that they might be found "abiding" in the place of absolute freedom - the secret place of My presence. For it is certain that where My Spirit is there is the "freedom" (liberty) to carry out the fulness of My will for their lives - along with the "abiding power" (the Anointing) to set the captives free wherever " I " send them.

"Exhortations From The Father" is a daily word(s) from the heart of the Father exhorting and encouraging those who are seeking first the Kingdom - those who desire to be righteously motivated in all things pertaining to true Christian service. It is my earnest and fervent prayer that through these words you will daily receive direction, confirmation and revelation which will help you to enter into the fulness of your destiny and Kingdom-position.

May the Father continually bless you with deep insight into the fulness of His plan for the Glorious Church - and your perfect part in it - in this most critical and glorious hour!

Glenn H. Jackson

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