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My Child,
Tell My People that the eye of the storm has now passed over, and that the intensity of My Storm will now erupt with a fury. The Judgment of My Right Hand shall now cleanse the earth and the heavens for the appearing of The Son Of Man in His Glory in the clouds of heaven, for I will cleanse and purify my place of entrance, for I will not approach what is unclean, but that which is pure and Holy. There are many who are so busy about the every day affairs of their own lives, that they have not heard My Voice, and what My Word has spoken of in times past is about to take center stage, and I shall surely hasten My Word to perform it, for who shall withstay My Hand? It has now come to the appointed time where the calm is over, and great violence is about to grip the earth, and the nations shall gather against My Ancient Nation to make war with her, but even yet do I plead with the nations to forsake their sins, to leave their works of darkness and come into The Light Of My Righteousness, for even as I Am A God Of Great Judgment, so Am I A God Of Forgiveness and Mercy.

Tell the people that they must pray without ceasing, for what I speak of is not afar off, but rather at their doors. Oh Church of The Living God come unto Me. Come to The Holy Place and forsake the unfruitful works of darkness, prepare yourselves for what is even now at your very doorsteps, for division, strife, and ungodliness must be put away from the midst of you. Do not doubt My Word unto you My People, but give heed unto what I now speak, and know that the hour is upon you. Come together in a love and a unity such as you have never had before, and do not play any longer as a child, for now is the time more than ever to put away the childishness of your hearts and minds, that you might be bound in love and in unity. Again take heed about the things that I have this day spoken unto you, for I have given you a glimpse in the natural of the fury of the weather that has now come to this earth, which is nothing more than a preview of what judgment is about to take place upon the earth.

Share in what time is left with those who have no answer or hope. Lead as many to The Cross as you can, for The Time Of Your Departure is close at hand. I have spoken these words unto you this day to awaken those who are in slumber, and to stir the coals that the fire within you might shine brightly in this gross age of darkness. To The Glory Of My Father have I spoken, and I wait for you to submit to me in obedience, which is more important to Me than any sacrifice you can offer up to me. I love you all with a love that knows no boundaries or no limits, and I Am with you in these final great seconds left upon the earth.
Amen and Amen
The Lord Jesus Christ

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Jeff Rodrick
Heart-Life Ministries

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