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Shirley Lise
July 23, 2003

Bask in My presence. Come to Me on a regular basis. Do not let a day go by when you have not met with Me. I am your source of life, of everything you need. Haven't I taught you this well? Haven't I taken you through the dry places and through the wilderness to teach you total dependence on Me? You know that the enemy crouches at the door ready to pounce on you and redirect your attention. But I tell you this day, it is vitally important that you do not give way to the enemy and that you do not neglect to come before Me in the Secret Place, for this is the place where you will find rest for your soul. And this is the place where you will be made whole and where you will be equipped for the work I have destined you to.

Do not look to another. Do not go to those places where you think you will receive more and a greater understanding. All good gifts come from the Father above. All those things that you seek are in Me, so come to Me, and let Me impart life and liberty to your spirit. Let Me strengthen you so that you are able to stand against the ploys of the enemy. Let Me guide you and teach you and lead you into all truth. I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Come to Me and I will minister My life into you and you will become a tree planted by rivers of water, strong and unbendable. Though there are many temptations to look else where, do not give in to them, but oppose them. Do not waver in hope, but put hope in Me alone and you will not be disappointed.

I am raising up a strong battalion who will war against the status quo. How can you war against that which you indulge in? Can you not see that I have come to change things, that I have come to overthrow the kingdoms built by men, that I will no longer tolerate the counsel of men who masquerade as though from Me? Unless a man comes directly to Me to receive wisdom and understanding, he has no choice but to function in the wisdom and understanding of the human nature.

I said I would pour out My power in this day, but it will only come upon those who spend time with Me, who are intimate with Me, who know My heartbeat for the nations in this day, and who have come out of the world?s systems to follow after Me. Do not think that I can use the wisdom of men to accomplish My purposes. Man?s wisdom is foolishness in My eyes, therefore it is imperative that those who would enter into the full measure of My Spirit in this day come unto Me and let Me impart to them wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

This is a critical time in the lives of My people. Only those who know their God intimately will do great exploits for their King. So come unto Me, spend time at My feet, and do not neglect My offer to be changed, healed, and delivered from every affliction in the place of rest.


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