Shirley Lise
April 1, 2004

I have chosen My runners, positioned My runners. They will run with purpose. I will give them purpose. I will instill purpose within their hearts and they shall run without blindfolds. Running for My purpose will be a safeguard to those who run. All other purpose will pale.

I have stationed My runners, and they will run with the gospel message, the message of truth. They shall run and not grow weary, for I shall strengthen them, energize them, birth forth My stamina into their lives, and they shall run with ease, sometimes faster, at other times the pace will slow, but they will keep moving.

Runner Alert
I am giving the signal and the race will begin. Run with full knowledge of Me. I will wipe away the shroud that has entangled many. I will disperse the doom and gloom, breakthrough the clouds of despair. Run the race with endurance. I will strengthen your mortal bodies and give you the stamina of a youth. I will train you in the desert for your active role. Just as an army is trained in the desert, I will prepare, disciple, and equip My army of runners.

You ask what the runners are running with? They are running with the Good News of salvation. They will take it to the nations. Just as I instructed My runners in days of old to run with the gospel, I am instructing My runners in this day. And yes, I have sent out the forerunners to break ground and prepare the way, and now is the time for the runners to be released with the word of God into every area of society.

You say this cannot be done, that there will be great opposition, but I tell you, I am releasing an army in this day who will not be overcome, but who will be overcomers, and who will run undaunted by any attempts of the enemy to destroy the word of their testimony.

So you see, that I am calling those of all ages to run with the gospel of peace. Your children shall run undaunted with the word of truth upon their lips. And you shall run side by side with the younger generation in the mandate to spread the gospel into every corner of the Earth. Men and women, young people and children are being made ready to take the word of the Lord to the nations, runners of all ages. So get on your running gear and be ready, for the signal is about to sound, and the runners shall sprint forth from their boxes.

Wisdom, counsel, the word of the Lord will be released into the harvest fields. Make every effort to run the race with endurance.


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