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Have you ever felt as though you were walking around in darkness? Have you ever, on a cold, late night, tried to find your way around the house or a room, groping for the furniture and the wall, trying to see in the darkness? You feel for the wall and the switch and flip, you turn on the light...and now you know exactly where you are standing...

Well, that's kinda like what the bible is all about. It's like a light switch being thrown on so you can see your way around in the darkness. And that's what this website is all about too. To show you the way to the light and to expose the hidden works of darkness.

The bible talks about people will try to hide from the light, knowing that their deeds (done in the darkness)will show up. When a doctor examines you or is about to operate on you, they do it flooded with light, so they can see what they are doing, right? That's kinda like what the bible is like. It's like the light in the examining room, that once it has shined down on you, it will certainly illuminate areas in your life you never even knew existed or were there.

Another thing too about is feels good. God shines His light upon you with the 'light' of His Word (Jesus) by His Holy Spirit to show you areas in your life that you've hidden in the they can be you can deal with them...and really, it does feel good and the warmth of His love will bring you from darkness into light!

You shall know the truth...and the truth shall set you free! Come to the light today. Let the Holy Spirit shine down the light of the Word in your life.
"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."
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