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You may use some of the artwork or graphics on this site, ONLY with prior written permission from Good Tidings International (GTI) or you must get the author's permission. Some of the art on this website may be used on this website ONLY. GTI has obtained prior written permission from each artist, including midis (music files).

The word of God states: "Thou shalt not steal." We at GTI endeavor to observe copyright ownership guidelines set forth by each artist. Therefore, if you take, then you may be stealing someone else's labor of love. I know the work and many hours that I have put into making this website and to create my own artwork, so be kind and considerate of this important issue.

Consequently, we have tried to follow the artists guidelines to the best of our ability, so if anyone sees something that we have used on this website, without giving the proper credit, please notify us immediately, and it will be remedied. Sometimes, we do make mistakes (to err is human), and don't file a graphic etc...with the proper title or author, and then we don't know whose work it may be. We will remedy this situation upon notification and abide by the guidelines that have previously been set forth. To my knowledge, everything on this website is either copyright free or in the public domain, except where stated. Please follow our Guidelines below.

The graphics/artwork that are copyrighted and exclusively GTI's are linkware where stated and may be used provided a link to our website is placed on the same page as the set. You do not have to use everything in the set on your page. Right click on the graphics, then save to your computer or use the accompanying zip file provided for your convienence. DO NOT LINK DIRECTLY TO ANY GRAPHIC! We will be moving the sets around regularly, and you would lose your links. The linkware graphic sets are for your personal use only and may not be used on commericial sites. If you need something special, contact us and we will help you. We require that you provide a link back to: "http://www.GoodTidingsInt.com/index" and that you must use the logo's that are provided on the set page.

The poems may be used only if you have obtained prior written PERMISSION TO USE by emailing GTI or the author where stated. That also means that it may not be printed or used in anyway without written permission from the author. We will review your website or where and how you will be using our property and will notify you promptly with the proper authorization.

You may never use any of our artwork, photographs, graphics, or poems on any immoral websites or those that contain beliefs contrary to the Word of God, the Bible. Family-type websites are acceptable in most cases. Please visit and read our Statement of Faith before uploading anything from this website.

Thank you for your cooperation. It is necessary for us to abide by the rules the best that we can for our protection and the protection of our brothers and sisters in the Lord. May God lead us and guide us by His Holy Spirit as we use the internet to bring Him glory in all we do.

God bless!
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